X-MINI Uno 2,5 W Mono draadloze luidspreker Paars


X-MINI Uno 2,5 W Mono draadloze luidspreker Paars

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2.5W, 150Hz - 20kHz, 500mAh, 112g, Purple

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X-MINI Uno. Audio-uitgangskanalen: 1.0 kanalen, Luidspreker soort: 1-weg, Diameter driver: 4 cm. Gemiddeld vermogen: 2,5 W, Frequentiebereik: 150 - 20000 Hz, Impedantie: 3,6 Ohm. Connectiviteitstechnologie: Bedraad. Producttype: Mono draadloze luidspreker, Kleur van het product: Paars. Aanbevolen gebruik: Universeel

Singapore, October 2012 – Following the successful launch of the X-mini™ KAI Capsule Speaker™ which picked up both the red dot design and iF design awards, Xmi Pte Ltd headed back to the basics to improve on its basic Capsule Speaker™ models. The latest products from Xmi Pte Ltd, the new mono speaker UNO and stereo speakers MAX represent the upgraded standard of portable sound. Featuring an important change that significantly improves sound quality, there have also been improvements made in several of the other outstanding features of the X-mini™ Capsule Speaker™ series.

The UNO and MAX offer a new standard in portable speakers with the introduction of the ceramic tweeter. The quality of sound produced from any speaker depends largely on the tweeter material and after months of research, trials and prototype development, the engineering team at Xmi Pte Ltd found that ceramic was the most suitable material to bring the X-mini™ sound to the next level.
The ceramic tweeter brings about several advantages. As compared to aluminum tweeters, the ceramic ones can produce a wider frequency range covering higher and lower sounds. As a result of that, the distortion of sound is also much reduced because the ceramic tweeter is able to withstand high and low frequencies without producing any cracks in the sound.
When a speaker plays low frequency sound, it is difficult to maintain the depth and intensity of the bass produced. A tweeter that does not have a high enough efficiency will not be able to support a strong bass, resulting in soft and clouded music that lacks intensity. The ceramic tweeter is able to is able to produce clear and bright sounds precisely because it is capable of a highly efficient output even at low frequencies.
At each frequency point, the ceramic tweeter is able to perform better hence producing great clarity in sound even when various frequencies are mixed together in one song. With the ceramic tweeter in the UNO and MAX, details in music such as the voice of a singer and the sound of each instrument will be cleaner and clearer.

The X-mini™ Capsule Speakers™ are known to be able to last for hours and this will be no exception with the new UNO and MAX. In fact, the battery life of the UNO has been improved to last up to 20 hours with each charge while the MAX offers a playback time of up to 18 hours. The built-in Lithium-ion batteries are charged via USB for about two to three hours.

With the micro USB ports being more popular now, the charging ports of the UNO and MAX have also been updated which means that users will be able to recharge their product with the same cables they charge many of their devices with.

The X-mini™ Capsule Speakers™ are known to produce a bass performance beyond what is expected of its size! With the strong bass production from the X-mini™ Capsule Speakers™, it is a common sight to see them bouncing around when playing bass-heavy tunes. Even though many people have been amused at the sight of the X-mini™ Capsule Speaker™ bouncing around, a new feature on the UNO is that a weight has been added to the base so that it will stay in place while you enjoy the bass lines of your favourite tunes.

The new stereo MAX speakers that come in a pair now offer an additional option of using each module on its own. Each side of the stereo speakers has its own stowaway cable built into its base, which means that you can just plug it into your media player and use it as a mono speaker. If not, just use the stereo cable that comes with the product, plug both speakers in and connect to your media player to enjoy a true stereo experience. Whichever way you choose to use it, mono or stereo, you will be able to get up to 18 hours of amazing sound!

Brèves spécifications

Couleur du produit Paars
Type de produit Mono draadloze luidspreker
Diamètre du haut-parleur 4 cm
Type d'écouteurs 1-weg
Nombre de lecteurs 1
Nombre de haut-parleurs 1
Canaux de sortie audio 1.0 kanalen
Rapport signal-sur-bruit 82 dB
DHT, distorsion harmonique totale 1 procent
Impédance 3,6 Ohm
Gamme de fréquence 150 - 20000 Hz
Puissance évaluée de RMS 2,5 W
Connectivité USB Ja
Technologie de connectivité Avec fil
Utilisation recommandée Universeel
Chargement USB Ja
Temps de rechargement de la batterie 2,5 uur
Tension des piles 5 V
Nombre de batteries prises en charge 1
Capacité de la batterie 500 mAh
Type de batterie Ingebouwd
Type de source d'alimentation Batterij/Accu, USB
Poids 112 g
Lecture audio en continu 8 uur
Blindage magnétique Ja


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