AEG GR28S Trommelstofzuiger Stofzak


AEG GR28S Trommelstofzuiger Stofzak

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AEG GR28S. Geschikt voor type stofzuiger: Trommelstofzuiger, Producttype: Stofzak, Kleur van het product: Beige, Wit. Aantal stofzakken: 4 stuk(s)

GR28S Vampyr 5000/CE, Ergo Essence Vacuum Cleaner Bags and Filter

Genuine synthetic vacuum bags for a wide range of AEG canisters like ERGO ESSENCE AE, T2 Series, OKO-VAMPYR, VAMPYR 5000...5999, VAMPYR CE 100...999,…

Our high quality bags have been specifically designed to fit your vacuum cleaner and maintain its best performance. Synthetic dust bags last longer than ordinary paper bags, they have a greater capacity, provide better filtration and are more resistant. Optimised cleaning performance of your vacuum cleaner helps make your home a healthier place.

We recommend that bags should be changed regularly and filters should be changed every 4 dust bags. All filters should be replaced at least twice a year or when they become visibly soiled.

This pack includes 4x synthetic vacuum bags and 1x micro filter.

AEG vacuum bags reference also known as GR28 and GR28S.

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Geschikt voor type stofzuiger Trommelstofzuiger
Aantal stofzakken 4 stuk(s)


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